The Millbank Estate is located close to the Tate Gallery, the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, and is built on the site of the old Millbank Penitentiary. The Estate comprises fifteen beautiful red-brick arts and crafts mansion blocks commissioned by the London County Council (LCC) between 1897 and 1902. Today the Millbank Estate is made up of 561 individual flats, managed on behalf of Westminster City Council by the Millbank Estate Management Organisation (MEMO), a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) run by and for the residents of the Estate.

Key Officers


Chairman: Peter Doherty

Vice Chairperson: Gina Bobin

Secretary: Gwendolyn Morgan

Treasurer: Maria Gouevia


  • Harry Bourne
  • Caroline Andrews
  • Peter Doherty
  • Phil Hayes
  • Oscar Martone
  • Nina Chitnarvis
  • James Crowe



Estate Director: Kellie Carson

Technical Manager: John Downie

Housing & Leaseholder Manager: Harpreet Heer

Housing Administrator: Laura Tasarkan

Handyperson: Bobby

Estate Cleaner: Abreu

Estate Cleaner: Pinto