MEMO AGM – 26 September 2011 – 18.30 – MERTA Hall

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We invite all Millbank Estate residents to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for which notice to existing shareholders was sent out in time for the meeting on 26 September. Millbank estate is managed by a TMO, and as such all residents are entitled to become shareholders and vote at the AGM. If you are not already a shareholder then we encourage you to contact the MEMO office now. A payment of 10 Pence entitles you to a share. You will find AGM information on our website or you can ask at the office for paper copies.

2010/11 has again been a challenging year. Still reporting an overall deficit, we have however managed to secure a 20% increase in our allowances and are arguing a further funding increase under TMO funding rules, plus compensation for years of underfunding. This will put MEMO on sustainable financial footing, enables the organisation to full fill new MMA requirements. Over the past 2 years, residents’ satisfaction has steadily increased. However we still have got areas that need to be improved. During our Community Consultation Day, held on the 9 July 2011, residents told us to improve the following five priorities: Rubbish disposal, Security (Door entry System), Repairs, Communication and Cleaning.

The 2011 community day was also marked with an extended visit by Cllr David Harvey, who regularly meets with MEMO and shows a keen interest in Millbank Estate’s well being. The same goes with PC James Tyson, who with his team is all the time at hand with hands-on advise if residents call. Both stated, that Millbank is a different estate from many they know, it is better managed and has much less problems than many others. They find Millbank residents generally engaging and approachable. CWH was represented by TMO liaison officer Mervyn Thomason.

MEMO Board delivery
A survey including all 12 MEMO board members revealed that this year they again were volunteering time way above the national average of charity trustees, which is around 35-40 hours at the high end. The provable hours recorded for MEMO came to a total of 1500 hours, of which 2/3 were recorded for the 3 officers: chairman, treasurer and the secretary. Most of this was down to MMA and allowance renegotiations plus growing activities in community building measures. MEMO will for the first time carry out a social impact, board member and leadership audit that will lead to recommendations and an action plan covering management, leadership conduct and organisational continuation issues.

Increased Resident Satisfaction
The overall satisfaction with services provided by MEMO in in our 2011 survey stands at 96%, which is an improvement of 18% from last year’s 78%. The result is based on 84 responses from 561 flats and we thank all participants who represent 15% of all residents and came from 57% tenants, 35% leaseholders and 7% Sub-tenants.
44% of returned questionnaires are from residents that could be but are not yet shareholders of MEMO. 87% of the survey respondents are aware that MEMO is a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO). In a special effort over the coming weeks we will approach all remaining residents to become shareholders.

2011 Survey Summary:
• 97% are satisfied with MEMO staff.
• 93% are satisfied with the quality of their home.
• 92% are satisfied with repairs carried out by MEMO
• 89% are satisfied with estate cleaning levels
• 87% are satisfied with the opportunities of getting involved
• 50% deem litter/rubbish to be a problem
• 14% are dissatisfied with the lighting on the stairs and landings
• 60% deem other people’s noise a problem
• 41% stated that they have problem with neighbours.

A more detailed analysis of the responses to the satisfaction questionnaires and further Millbank estate information are on our website

Resident Demographics
According to the survey’s findings 37% of residents are over 60 years of age and 53% are one-person households. However, we have also an increase in children on the estate. MEMO is looking to address these by enhancing activities covering the needs of these constituencies. MEMO is also encouraging residents to look out for each other and help.

Good Neighbour & Stakeholder
The Management board wants to honour good neighbourhood activities and citizenship across the area and in a draw has honoured the time and attention given by 4 residents to the 2011 survey. Each received a £25 M&S Voucher. They are:
• Ms Pruden, Gainsborough House
• Mrs Charalambous, Millais House
• Mr Baker, Maclise House
• Mr Christou, Stubbs House

Estate Inspections Communal areas
We have returned to regular inspections and give notice that items left in communal spaces will be cleared. We reserve our right to re-charge clearance to Households persistently storing items in common spaces. Such storage is a breach of tenancy or lease agreement. You can participate in the estate inspections which takes place next on the following dates:

  • 12 October 11am -12.30, Gainsborough, Hogarth and Reynolds House
  • 26 October 11am – 12.30, Lawrence, Leighton, Maclise House
  • 10 November, 11am.12.30, Milais, Morland, Mulready House
  • 24 November, – 12.30, Rossetti, Ruskin, Stubbs House
  • 07 December, 11am – 12.00, Turner and Wilkie House

Good Neighbour and Citizenship Awards
Millbank residents are now also sponsoring the annual Millbank Primary School Young Citizenship Awards, which have been given for the first time this July to the 3 pupils who most consistently participated in an extracurricular Citizenship program. Millbank’s own chairman is a nominee for the CWH Good Neighbourhood Award 2011. MEMO board members are exploring possibilities to establish the Millbank Estate Citizenship Awards.

MEMO is ISO9001 accredited!
MEMO has successfully completed the assessment for ISO9001 and we are as of 15 July 2011 an accredited organisation. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems. It places emphasis on customer feedback and Management processes. We will formally launch the ISO9001 accreditation at the forth-coming AGM 2011.

Keeping your neighbours in mind
Millbank Estate was built more than 100 years ago. The buildings are beautiful but insulation within the buildings between individual floors is sometimes problematic, particularly in those flats where carpets are replaced with uninsulated hardwood flooring and therefore noise travels very easily. Please make sure that any noise you make in your home is kept to a minimum to ensure that your life does not impact on your neighbours. Keep also in mind, that you may have neighbours working nightshifts in medical and other services. So they may be at sleep during parts of the day.

Gas maintenance and repairs services
MEMO is Gas safe registered and we offer our resident compatible rates for your annual service on your boiler. Regular maintenance can help identify any problems with your boiler and other appliances and contribute to the longevity of your white goods. Please contact the MEMO office to book your gas service or competitive repairs services on 020 7976 5788 option 2. We also carry out other repairs and painting to your flat with Frank now being an accredited plumber.

Open Public Services White Paper
The Coalition Government published its Open Public Services White Paper; a policy framework of how it envisages public services to be owned, delivered and funded, and the roles of the individual citizen and the state in this.
This White Paper is relevant for Millbank Estate residents, tenants and leaseholders, as it sets out an overview of the governments programme for public services over the next few years, that will potentially bring big chances to housing on who by and how it is run. Taken as an opportunity for TMOs the new legislation will provide more freedom for residents to actually shape not just the place they live in but also influence people’s wellbeing massively. On the other side, disregarding this opportunity may also lead to commercial entities or growth driven ALMOs taking the lead. It may not be a bad thing but it will cost money that is not anymore available for residents. Open Public Services is based on the theory that market competition between providers improves the quality of services experienced by service users, with the anticipation to improving social outcomes, and reducing costs. The new policy framework is based on 5 principles:
1. Choice of providers for service users
2. Decentralisation
3. Diversification of providers
4. Fair access to public services
5. Accountability to users and taxpayers.
Visit our website to download the White paper

Any bright ideas or want to engage?
What can we do better? What improvements do you want to see? Is there anything you want to suggest or contribute with? For example: Do want to start a club involving your neighbours? Have got ideas the MEMO board or staff should know so that they can support you? Or do you want to join the board and help make things progress in Milbank? You could start by just come along to the monthly board meeting every last Thursday, 6.30pm at MERTA Hall above the MEMO office. Or you could help us with your professional skills and advice on an individual project. Perhaps just giving us a couple of hours, valuable and much appreciated hours!
Residents with ideas and initiative have also the opportunity to join an “ideas market” to be held Saturday 8 October 2011, 11am-1pm, at MERTA Hall. Have a café and a croissant and talk to board members about your ideas and project. Perhaps you are already doing something, which could be extended in to the community.

Please let us know. You can contact us via email on or call our office 020 7976 5788.
You are also able to leave a message on our website

Pictures by Nathalie Rimensberger-Andel