Alive and kicking: Millbank Estate Community “Jubilee StreetParty”

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During the afternoon of 2 June 2012 approx. 200 residents turned up and their participation in activities organised by Pat Johnstone, Kathy Clifford, Melissa Ford-Holloway and Wilfried Rimensberger could only tell you one thing: Millbank is alive and kicking.

Originally planned to be held in Court Yards crossed by St Oswulf and Erasmus Street, a last minute decision was made during Saturday morning’s uncertain weather outlook to set-up in Reynolds House Court Yard only and use an in the end only shortly closed Erasmus Street for specific elements such as the Fire engine and the historic Go-Kart race, weather permitted. It proved to be the right decision as commented by many attendants.

MEMO staff started to arrived at 7 in the morning to set the scene and worked hard ensuring that things went smoothly during the event marked by a string of exiting activities that commenced at Noon with a DJ pumping music through and out of Reynolds House Court Yard in to Erasmus Street. Residents arrived gathering on decorated tables, some reading through the distributed “1000 Communities” brochure others answering the MEMO residents satisfaction questionnaire. Many kids arrived early, some in fancy dresses, deliciously looking cakes baked by residents were brought in and tables with free sandwiches and fruits were laid out. Barrels filled with ice-cooled soft drinks were installed outside the MEMO office.

However, whilst the the tables filled up with adults, 8 kids joined Peter Woodroffe in the MERTA meeting hall where they started to compose and write a song about Millbank. This was interrupted by a Westminster fire engine arriving, much to the excitement of kids who crawled all over it and Millbank resident seniors Olive Whitecomb and Irene Carter, who, many moons ago, used to work as the local fire-brigade’s Switchboard ladies.

Later during the afternoon 10 raffle prizes were changing hands and the Millbank Cake Baker Jubilee Prize was awarded. Winner was teenager Nathalie Rimensberger who succeeded with a stunningly decorated berry cake against formidable established residential baking forces. Prizes were announced by incoming new Estate Director Paul Allen who got a warm welcome from residents. MEMO treasurer Neil Cocking was at hand encouraging residents to answer the annual Millbank residents satisfaction survey. Results will soon be communicated.

Featured was also the NFTMO’s Terry Edis (MBE) Torch, placed right in the middle of the event in support of the national tenant movement’s new charity established in honour of the late NFTMO’s chairman. The afternoon was rounded off with kids excitedly testing self-built Go-Karts thundering along Erasmus Street. And singer/songwriter Pete Woodroffe delivering the final with a life concert of his songs, including an intonation of the first 2 verses of the kids’s Millbank song “We are the Millbank Gang” in Reynolds House Court Yard. The completed song will be presented at the forthcoming SouthWest Fest.

Millbank Song Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Some of us are girls
some of us are boys
Some of us are Pearls
Some of us like noise

We are the Millbank Gang
Millbank Gang, Millbank Gang
We are the Millbank Gang
Millbank Gang, Millbank Gang

(Verse 2)
Sometimes we are cool
Sometimes we are not
Some of us like school
together we like to Rock

However, we do clearly know
That what ever we do
Should stand up and show
Our pride and make Millbank glow
Got only one life
Don’t wanna waste it
Live it o the full
Embrace it (the Millbank way)

(Verse 3)
London is the best
It’s where we’re gonna stay
At the river in South West
To live the Millbank way

We are the Millbank Gang
Millbank Gang, Millbank Gang
We are the Millbank Gang
Millbank Gang, Millbank Gang

(Verse 4)
Some like to dance
Some like to sing
When we get the chance
We all do our thing
the Millbank way

Written by the “MillbankGang”

Pete Woodroffe & W. Rimensberger