Emergency Pumping Operations

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This morning, at approximately 9am, a blockage occurred in the local Thames
Water sewer network along John Islip Street. Upon inspection, the cause of the
blockage was found to be fatty deposits that had built up over a prolonged period of

The result of this network failure is that a large volume of sewage from the local
area has ended up in the basement of Abell House.

Unfortunately there will be on-going emergency operations happening this evening
to remedy the situation, both involving the flushing of the drain and the cleaning up
of raw sewage from in and around the site. For obvious health and safety reasons
this must be effected immediately. The work is likely to involve pumping operations
into a tanker located in the John Islip Street pit-lane.

Please accept our apologies for any disturbance this may cause you. We will try to
keep any noise levels to a minimum and trust that you will appreciate the urgent
and unavoidable nature of these works.

Should you have any further queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to
contact David MacFarlane of SP Broadway on 0203 405 1400 /

Find this information for download here (PDF)