London Riots – IMPORTANT Please Read

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IMPORTANT: Westminster EMERGENCY NUMBER 020 7286 7412

Most of Westminster’s Estate offices (including our own) have now closed early this afternoon to enable staff to make their way home ahead of any predicted civil unrest in the local area.

Already, their are reports of acts of anti-social behaviour in the Pimlico area.

The following advice has been issued by the emergency services and MEMO during this unprecedented period of civil unrest in the city:

  • Avoid unnecessary travel where possible. Stay inside your property and keep family members, particularly children and young adults at home.
  • If you must travel, keep expensive personal items, such as jewellery, cameras or smart phones out of sight when outside your home.
  • Stay in contact with elderly or vulnerable family members and neighbours.
  • Remove any valuable items from view and/ or adjacent to windows (i.e. TV’s, computer equipment etc)
  • Keep your vehicle locked and any items of value out of sight, we would also recommend that you remove any accelerants from your car (i.e. petrol cans) which could be utilised to set the vehicle on fire.
  • Avoid placing bulky waste items and refuse in the court yards
  • Remove any items, such as loose stones, paving slaps, bricks or any other items which could be used as missiles from outside your property and place them in a secure location.
  • Recent events suggest that those residential units above shops and empty properties are being specifically targeted by arsonists, therefore it is extremely important that residents who live above shop units or next to empty properties are particularly vigilant during this time and that you ensure that your smoke alarms are working.
  • Ensure the escape route from your property is clear of any obstructions, in case you are required to leave quickly.
  • Should a fire start in the building you live in, we advise residents to leave the property as quickly as possible, as it is unlikely that London Fire Brigade will be able to attend the property within their normal attendance time.
  • If you have to leave your property due to a fire below or adjacent to your property please contact Westminster City Council’s emergency link office on 020 7286 7412 who will advise you of what action to take.
  • Residents who are not directly effected by a fire (i.e. a fire within your block but not in your staircase) should follow the normal fire safety plan for their block and remain in their properties.
  • Do not attempt to intervene or try to prevent damage to property, walk away or in the opposite direction and inform the emergency services either on the Metropolitan Police’s non-emergency number 101 or emergency number 999. Keep your mobile at hand.
  • We urge all residents to stay in their homes and make sure that their children are in a safe place. If your children are not with you make sure that you call them and that they are staying in doors.

Please also note that the scheduled meeting for tonight for Morland House residents has been cancelled.

The office is now closed in order to ensure that all staff can make it to their homes safely.