MEMO Newsletter May 2015

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Memo Newsletter

Chairman’s Message,

Dear Shareholders and residents of MEMO:

Since the AGM last September we have been addressing issues identified by the WCC audit, primarily that of revising the documents that govern MEMO as an organisation. A huge thanks to all Shareholders who attended the general meeting called to agree and vote on our rules. To see such considered and thoughtful dialogue shows the eagerness to engage in an understanding of what MEMO is and what it stands for.

Our general meeting reinforced the core objective of MEMO; to provide, maintain and manage housing. In light of this the Board have recently voted to adopt a full staffing review that’s designed to address the needs of the estate whilst giving us greater financial control. We have deleted the senior housing officer position and are employing a technical manager. We are very hopeful that this change in staffing structure will bring rapid changes in our operational performance. We are also in the early stages of developing our Communication Strategy. It’s important that you have an awareness of what your Board is doing for you and you need to be able to reach us easily when the need arises. More details on this will follow over the next few months but our first aim is to gain control and manage our website.

You’ll all appreciate that prioritising our work has ensured our continuation over the last year and we feel we are now in a position to deliver what was promised at the AGM; addressing our staffing situation, improving our maintenance and repairs service and finally communicating more effectively with you all. We are now ready to move to our next important stage.

Phil Hayes. Chair. MEMO.

Please find the full MEMO newsletter May 2015 for download here (PDF)