Millbank Estate TMO wins 2 national Awards at the 2013 annual NFTMO Conference

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Westminster’s Millbank Estate was recognised with 2 national awards at this year’s annual NFTMO Conference in Stratford upon Avon, held during a June weekend. Millbank Estate is not only known for its beautiful red-brick mansion blocks and planted Courtyards that signify the area in the Tate Britain neighbourhood. It is also known for its low crime and anti-social behaviour rate and its growing engagement in the community. Nominated during May in 3 categories, Millbank was honoured by winning in 2. They are:

Initiative in the community


Initiative in tackling anti-social-behaviour.

Earlier this year, Millbank Estate was already awarded national Guide TMO status.

The awards are the result of hard work by staff and management board members of Westminster’s largest TMO (Tenant Management Organisation). In 1997 residents of Milbank estate formed a not-for-profit Limited company MEMO (Millbank Estate Management Organisation) utilising the “Right to Manage” and established a management agreement under which they provide almost all estate management and housing services. Over the past 5 years, a change management programme was introduced by a new board consisting of annually elected resident representatives. A new Modular Management Agreement and funding arrangement was shaped with Westminster City Council involving its ALMO Citywest Homes. Policies and staff arrangements were reviewed and a new team leader was engaged. This has resulted in a wide range of new activities, significant improvements and a strong, supportive relationship with Westminster City Council.

With a mandate from its residents, Millbank Estate is currently moving towards undertaking a fundamental strategic review exploring the possibilities that are offered under the current Government’s Localism Bill and other changes in legislation.

Millbank estate consists of 17 mansion blocks named after distinguished painters such as Turner, Gainsborough and Reynolds. The 561 flats contained are extremely thought after and occupied by 55 percent leaseholders and 45 percent Council tenants.