Millbank residents vote for taking own responsibility and continue as a TMO

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Liz Michael, Merv Thomason, Kellie Carson and Scott Steel counting votes

Dear Millbank residents and friends,
Last night, at the end of its statutory continuation ballot, MEMO gained a further mandate for the coming 5 years to continue on its path improving the quality of life in Millbank. It is a clear endorsement of the leadership provided by engaged residents and the work put in by staff.

During the past 2 weeks over 51% of tenants and leaseholders voted in a secret ballot and 87% said Yes for our estate to continue to be managed for the next 5 years by the resident owned TMO MEMO. 84% of the Yes votes came from tenants and 91% from leaseholders.

As the MEMO chairman for the past years I want to say thank you to all past and current board members, MEMO staff as well as employees at CWH and Westminster City Council who believed and continue to belief in our vision of a better Millbank taken care of by its residents. A big thank-you goes to Millbank residents and stakeholder organisations giving MEMO the needed “space”, trust and support and also for being a critical friend. Hand in hand with our staff, the management board endeavours that we keep doing our best to not only maintain our beautiful Grad 2 listed estate but progress and work with all people and organisations interested in a way that we all can remain proud residents of a highly regarded residential area in the centre of one of the greatest cities in the world. Millbank residents are driven not only by care about buildings but also the good that can come from a diverse and inspired community united in respect for each other, as inspiring individuals and contributors to a common understanding.

For the people concerned engaging on behalf of others and leading such a process there is no greater compliment and encouragement then this ballot result. It honours the people who in 1997 provided the vision and had the determination to start one of the first TMO’s in Westminster and the board members of the past 5 years who developed it in to one of the leading TMO’s in this country. The past 15 years of our organisation is a showcase of The Big Society at work with all its facets. Lets get on and make it a successful 20 years.

Thank you to all and stay with us.
Wilfried Rimensberger