Recycling E-Newsletter – Autumn 2015

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City of Westminster

Recycling news

Welcome to the Autumn edition of our quarterly recycling e-newsletter. As you switch from your summer wardrobe don’t forgot to drop off any items you don’t intend to wear again at one of our textile banks. This summer our door knockers have been busy talking to you about how to recycle your small electrical items as these cannot go in the waste stream.

New Recycling Incentive Scheme for most estates

We are rewarding estates for recycling. The more you recycle, the more prizes you win for your community.We’ll be monitoring the bins for your estate; if the recycling increases and the rubbish decreases we’ll award you money.

For the average estate, if everyone recycled 1 extra newspaper a week then after a year you’ll have earned £3,000 for your estate.

Keep an eye on the website for more details. We will also knock on your door to talk to you about the scheme.

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Common Waste and Recycling Myths

In this section we dispel some of the myths that have recently arrived in our inbox. Please let us know if there is anything you are unsure about, there may be others who are in the same position.

More collections or more bins always prevent dumping! WRONG! 

While in some cases dumping by the sides of bins can be prevented by extra collections or more bins, in most cases it is not a capacity issue but a behaviour issue. People may think they are being helpful by placing waste/recycling by the bin when in fact they could be blocking the highway and encouraging further dumping. They may also not like to touch bins but this is no more risky than touching a pole on a tube train.

Do not place recycling bags by bins, they will be treated as refuse. Please do not place items by bins in the hope that ‘someone might want it’. Use charity shops or websites such as freegle to give away items you do not need.

It all goes to landfill! WRONG! Westminster City Council sends almost nothing to landfill (less than 3%), any refuse is burnt at SELCHP to provide heat and electricity to South London residents.

Westminster City Council only collects from residents. WRONG! We perform the full range of collections from businesses with a low cost and regularity that can’t be beaten.

The commercial waste website has a bespoke website for your business needs.

I don’t have a recycling collection. WRONG! AllWestminster residents have at least one collection. Our website can tell you when! Most estates have shared bins that are emptied twice a week.

More recycling questions?
Ask the Recycling Team your questions any Saturday at the Mobile Recycling Centre or at any event this season.

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