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Resident and councilor pressure extends Lambeth Bridge consultation – make your opposition known now!

Under pressure from your Conservative ward councilors Danny Chalkley, David Harvey and Steve Summers together with many residents and our amenity societies, Transport for London have extended the consultation deadline for their proposals for the Lambeth Bridge roundabout to midnight on Wednesday, September 20th. We are opposing these proposals and hope you will too. Send your comments to

Under the proposals, TfL are proposing to replace the Lambeth Bridge roundabout with traffic lights. Worse still, traffic will be banned from turning right off Lambeth Bridge and forced onto Horseferry Road. Traffic lights will also be installed at the junction of Millbank and Great Peter Street. And the much-loved palm, which sits in the middle of the roundabout, will be lost. This will result in a huge increase in traffic in Vincent Square with Horseferry Road becoming clogged and rat running through the area as drivers try to avoid the resulting congestion increasing journey times and air pollution for all road users including cyclists.

There is concern that Transport for London has failed to properly consult residents. Many people are still not aware of the scheme, which was consulted upon over the summer. Transport for London know that the scheme will increase traffic, congestion, noise, pollution and parking problems on our residential streets and irrevocably change the nature of Conservation Areas like St John’s Square and Vincent Square. Transport for London’s response to these concerns, “we hope the changes won’t cause traffic problems for residents”.

Your Conservative Councillors, Danny Chalkley, David Harvey and Steve Summers are campaigning to stop these proposals. We need your help!

You can sign our petition online at and encourage others to do so too.

You can find out more about TfL’s plans on the TfL website.

The proposals are aimed at improving safety for cyclists, we support the ambition but not this plan.

TfL have said that the consultation has already attracted a large number of responses from local residents, raising a range of issues which they will be considering carefully, so your views make a difference.

If you would like to contact us you can do so via or telephoning Westminster Conservatives on (020) 7730 8181.

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